Order My Tahoe Plate

To order your Tahoe plate, you’ll need:

Step 1 illustration
Your license
plate number
To transfer to your
shiny new Tahoe plate!
Step 2 illustration
The last three digits
of your VIN
Typically found on the driver’s side dashboard, close to the windshield.
Step 3 illustration
Select the “Tahoe” plate

To order your new plate, simply select “Tahoe” from the list of available options.

New Tahoe License Plate fees benefiting the Tahoe Basin are $50 in California. The annual renewal fee is $40. Personalized plates are also available for additional fees.

The California Tahoe Conservancy passionately manages 6,500 acres of public lands, fostering recreation, improving shoreline access, restoring habitats, enhancing forest health, reducing wildfire threats, and promoting community well-being while addressing climate change challenges.

License Plate Funds Protect and Enhance Tahoe’s
Extraordinary Natural Resources

Are you a nature lover, conservationist, or environmentalist?

The Conservancy needs your help! Funds from plate sales help us protect Lake Tahoe’s clear blue waters, mountain forests, and world-class recreation. Your purchase can make a difference.

Tahoe License Plate Sales Help Preserve and Protect Tahoe Beaches

The Conservancy uses Tahoe License Plate sales to help manage Tahoe beaches for EVERYONE to experience and enjoy. Help us protect and preserve these public beaches.
Beautiful License plate

Upgrade your license plate to something BEAUTIFUL!

Not only will you get a colorful and vibrant license plate, but you’ll also support the Conservancy’s effort to protect and preserve the Lake Tahoe Basin.

Did you know that you can gift a new Tahoe License plate to a loved one?

Give them the gift of green! The Conservancy manages thousands of properties in the Lake Tahoe Basin for public access and recreation, environmental conservation, and wildlife protection. A plate purchase helps us protect Lake Tahoe for future generations.